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We have been caring for survivors of rape and sexual abuse since 1992. We believe that survivors should have access to free, empathetic and professional help.

How we help

We put survivors at the heart of all we do. Our charity is dedicated to helping survivors to improve their mental wellbeing and to develop coping strategies, so they can face their future with resilience and confidence.

We know that our work is having an impact. In 2018, over 95% of our clients said our work helped to improve their mental wellbeing. We also received the Queen’s Award for our work, which is the equivalent of the MBE for the voluntary sector.

How you can help

Our work comes at a cost. We fundraise tirelessly to ensure that our services can meet growing demand and to make sure that our charity has a sustainable future.

Here are just some of the ways you can support our life-changing work:

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