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Cycle Scheme for survivors

'Positive Pedal Power' launched in 2011 for survivors to rebuild confidence and gain strength from meeting others with similar experiences.

Positive Pedal Power

Weekends, March - October (depending on weather).

A special cycling scheme to help survivors or rape and sexual abuse regain their confidence, health, wellbeing and to break out of isolation and meet others. Available one-to-one and also in small groups of 1-4.


The cycling scheme is free. RASASC provides a bike trailer to transport four bikes, helmets and associated equipment to different locations near Leatherhead. You just need to wear something comfortable, shorts, jeans, joggers and t-shirt or sweatshirt. The cycling is led by Cathie, who is a confident off-road cyclist and a helpline volunteer.

Cathie will take beginners through to experts, the unfit through to fit for cycling.


Cycling is off-road, on bridal paths and through the country side, whatever your pace she will be able to adapt the session to the individual or small group. You can come for one session or as many as you like. If you need the support of a friend to come with you, this may be possible. RASASC volunteers are also welcome to try out a session or two, so that you are aware of the benefits that survivors will enjoy.


If you are unsure or would like to chat about joining a session, Cathie will be happy to speak to you on the phone in the evenings. Just contact the office (01483 568000 or admin@rasasc-guildford.org) for her telephone number.


History of RASASC's Cycling Scheme

RASASC launched the scheme in 2011 after receiving £7,000 Awards for All Lottery funding to purchase four mountain bikes, helmets and associated equipment.


Cathie Smith, RASASC Chair and cycle leader:

"The group is something we've wanted to do since 2010 when I started to realise how much confidence it would give survivors. Those who have suffered these experiences have confidence issues and so this is a schee to help them by giving them a good starting point. This is really about trying to provide a safe environment and trying to get survivors outdoors, because people who have been abused often struggle with going outside. What we're really doing is aiming to empower them to recover.


I have seen such improvement in all who have joined me. It's good just being around people who are survivors, we talk about regular things, but we all know that if we needed to, we could talk about more personal things."



"The bike project has changed so much of my thinking. It is still a struggle sometime but even if I feel dejected at the start I always feel exhilerated by the end. These rides are the focus I need and have helped me realise my potential, not just as a cyclist but also as a woman."