Rape And Sexual Abuse Support Centre, RASASC, Guildford Surrey Counselling, helplines, groups, ISVA and support for men and women
Rape And Sexual Abuse Support Centre, RASASC, Guildford SurreyCounselling, helplines, groups, ISVA and support for men and women

Individual Counselling

Anyone female or male over the age of 13 affected by rape or sexual abuse and in need of counselling can self-refer for counselling sessions (sometimes called Face to Face Sessions).


We arrange for you to meet us for an initial assessment, to determine whether or not counselling is likely to prove helpful at this point in time for you and it also gives you the opportunity to meet us.


To request counselling please call Felicity on  07757 009840. If you reach the answerphone please leave a message with your details and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Strict confidentiality is maintained at all times.

  • Counselling session are 50 minutes in length.
  • Sessions are in the centre of Guildford, Surrey.
  • Monday-Friday during office hours
  • or Monday & Wednesday evenings (6pm-9pm)


We request a donation in the region of £10 to £35 for a session depending on individual income and circumstances.  If you cannot afford this, it will not be an issue.

  • No one has ever been turned away due to not being able to afford a donation.
  • Your individual circumstances will be discussed at the initial Assessment.  The Assessment is free, but if you can make a £5 donation that would help us a great deal.  We will not turn you away if you cannot afford this, so don't worry.