Group support


Due to Covid-19, our group support programme has been paused until it is able to safely resume. Currently, we are not taking any new referrals for this programme.

We will be updating our website regularly with information on our services

Our group support gives survivors of rape and sexual abuse the chance to support each other. Groups are female only.  They are run on demand, when we have a minimum of six people.

How can this service help?

Our support group offers female survivors the opportunity to listen to and support each other, in a safe and confidential environment. This group allows you to work towards your recovery, drawing on support from other survivors coming to terms with similar issues.

Self-confidence and esteem programme

The self-confidence and esteem programme aims to provide a safe space to look at some of the common issues that female survivors experience and their feelings around them. Topics covered include relationships, self-esteem, guilt and blame. The discussion is led in part by the group, and is facilitated by a qualified counsellor and a volunteer.

This programme is run in blocks of 12 weekly sessions. Each session is two hours long, with a choice of either daytime or evening sessions. The daytime programme is held one day a week in Guildford and the evening programme one evening a week in Woking. The maximum number for each programme is eight people.

How can I get support?

To access this group please email our counselling coordinator: or call the office on 01483 568000.