Family support

Please note that due to the coronavirus pandemic our youth and family support counselling is only being offered remotely, by telephone or video.

We offer specialist emotional support to the families of people affected by rape or sexual abuse.

How can this service help?

The partner or family of a survivor often feels completely at a loss to know how to deal with the rape or sexual abuse of a loved one. Our family support service gives you an opportunity to talk through your concerns and anxieties with a trained family support worker.

We offer two different family support services:

  • A service for families of young survivors aged 13 -17
  • A service for the family or close friend of any survivor, whether an adult or young person.

For families of young survivors aged 13 – 17 

Our Family Support Service offers weekly one-to-one counselling, in a safe and supportive space, to provide emotional support to families of young people who have been affected by rape and sexual abuse. This is a safe and confidential space for you to talk about what has happened to your child. You can use this space to process your thoughts and emotions about their trauma. The aim is to help you to explore what you and the young person need, to come to terms with what happened and the impact and for you to be positive about the future.

For both our youth counselling and family support counselling (for parents supporting a child aged 13-17 who has experienced sexual abuse) you can request support by completing our referral form and returning to

Families and close friends of any other survivor

To request counselling for other family members and close friends, please contact our Counselling Coordinator on

How can I refer someone else?

Statutory and voluntary agencies and other professionals can make a referral, with the survivor’s consent, by contacting our Counselling Coordinator on