*Referrals have now closed. We will re-open referrals at 10am on Tuesday, 1st February*

Adult counselling

At RASASC Guildford, we offer group and individual counselling, as well as family support for survivors of rape and sexual abuse aged 18 and over, regardless of when the abuse occurred.

We are currently offering all our counselling sessions remotely, by phone or video. As Government restrictions are lifted, we aim to return to face-to-face counselling as soon as possible, while continuing to offer a remote counselling option for those that prefer it.

How can this service help?

Counselling gives you the opportunity to talk to someone about your experiences and how they affect you. We aim to help you understand and deal with any issues you have been left with, and to enable you to feel stronger, safer and more positive about your future.

Currently, the majority of our counselling is held in the evening, and is provided weekly, on a one-to-one basis. When it resumes, face-to-face counselling sessions are held at one of our two counselling hubs, located in Guildford and Leatherhead town centres.

How can I get support?

You can request support from our counselling service by completing our self-referral form. Please note, we can only take referrals from people living in Surrey.

If you have difficulty in completing the referral form, please email our counselling coordinator on: counselling@rasasc-guildford.org with a contact phone number, and we will call you back to help you complete the form.

We have a maximum number of referrals we can accept each month. This is to enable us to effectively manage the volume of survivors who need our support. Once we have reached the maximum number of referrals each month, we will close referrals and a notice will be put on our website. We will re-open referrals at the start of the next month, when you will have another opportunity to refer into our service.

We are currently only accepting self-referrals from survivors and NOT agency referrals. If you are an agency, please ask your client to follow our self-referral process.

What support can I expect?

Once you have contacted us, we will arrange for you to meet with a counsellor for an initial assessment. These assessments are held virtually and are designed to find out whether counselling would be helpful to you. We will also discuss with you the length of counselling you need with us, and your preferred location for when we return to face to face sessions.

A few weeks after your assessment, you will be invited to attend one of our regular introductory groups. This programme consists of seven one and a half hour weekly sessions, which will offer you the opportunity to:

  • better understand the impact of trauma (specifically from sexual violence)
  • learn some techniques for managing nightmares, flashbacks, intense emotions and poor sleep,
  • feel less isolated,
  • plan some positive changes in your life, and provide information about other resources available,
  • think about how you can make best use of the one-to-one counselling we offer (if you decide to go ahead with this).

For some, attending the introductory group provides enough support. Others can feel they would benefit from further individual counselling. If this is the case, you will remain on our waiting list for one-to-one counselling.

If you would like to join our therapy group for survivors of childhood abuse, or our 12-session Confidence Group, please discuss this further with our counselling coordinator.

How can I refer someone else?

Currently we are not accepting referrals from other agencies. Please ask your client to follow our self-referral process.

Making a donation

Our counselling service is provided free of charge.  However, if you are able to support us by providing a donation towards the cost of your counselling then this will help us to ensure the sustainability of the service and meet the growing demand.

There is absolutely no obligation to give, and we will offer counselling whether or not you are able to donate.

If you would like to make a donation, please visit our donation page.