Rape And Sexual Abuse Support Centre, RASASC, Guildford Surrey Counselling, helplines, groups, ISVA and support for men and women
Rape And Sexual Abuse Support Centre, RASASC, Guildford SurreyCounselling, helplines, groups, ISVA and support for men and women


Anne Milton, MP

Anne Milton, MP has been a strong RASASC supporter for many years, as an ex-nurse and previously the Minister of Health, Anne recognises the necessity of our services and that people should not feel ashamed to speak about rape or sexual abuse. 


Anne has helped RASASC with many things, including raising questions in the House of Commons, writing letters of support, attending RASASC fundraising events, speaking on RASASC's behalf, raising awareness, making donations herself and encouraging others to make donations. 

In 2010, RASASC officially asked Anne Milton, MP to be a Patron and we are delighted to say that she accepted.  Anne is an asset to our charity in many ways and understands our issues and clients.


In 2012, Anne's daughter, Nicola Henderson took part in 2 special fundraising events for RASASC raising over £2,500 and much awareness.  First she climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and then she ran the London Marathon!

Susan Penhaligon, Actress

Susan Penhaligon, actress started to support RASASC in 2011.  She travels a great deal but still supports our work.  She attend a play called "Festen", which was performed by the Guildford School of Acting and spoke to the actors.  The actors had been working with RASASC to fine-tune their characters to portray the sexual abuse survivors in the play, the mother who "turned a blind-eye" and the father who committed the abuse.  It was a very moving play.